Hello everyone thanks so much for taking the time to visit this site and for getting to know me. I am a follower of Christ, Mother, daughter, aunt,niece,sister, friend and a writer. I love people and I love seeing people launched into there God Ordained Purpose. I believe that sometimes when going through a transition we can sometimes loose site of Purpose. So It is my prayer that this becomes a place of refuge for all those who visit. I had the God given idea to write and to write on changes and transitions that take place on a daily basis for everyone but to discuss how relationship with God plays a major role in those transitions.

We all have moments of Oh No whats next and it is my goal to be a voice in those OH NO moments. I will be openly discussing personal experience, personal opinions, revelation and discussions with other like minded individuals (with their permission of course) to create dialogue and language for each transition that occurs in life while equipping you with prayer tactics and real life tools that I use daily when a transition takes place .

I have a heart for children and I believe that just as we transition so do they. I have had the Blessing of being in an environment of  children,teens and young adults of all ages everyday so this will also be a place where tactics and prayers will be shared to help equip our children with tools that they can use to make the transitions in their life  easier to combat.

So let’s take this journey together and Happy Reading!!!!!

Jennifer Jones