Soul Ties

So let’s talk soul ties! Many of us easlily find ourselves in soul ties with no real idea of what they are, where they came from or how to get out. Below you will find a few questions that I have received and through study and the power of the Holy Spirit I found answers to. I hope that you find the information that I have provided here helpful.

First things first!

What in the World is a Soul Tie? 

A soul tie is a linkage that is formed in the spiritual realm between two people. The Bible refers to what we now call soul ties as “being knit together”, “becoming one flesh”  or “bound together”. A soul tie can be positive or negative and we will discuss both types here today.

Can you be in a soul tie with more then one person at a time?

The answer is yes it is completely possible to be in a soul tie with more than one person at a time. That is why it is extremely important to break ungodly soul ties so that pieces of your soul are not left out there in the world with multiple people. Imagine dropping a glass on the floor and glass flies every where and even after you sweep the floor you still don’t get all of the glass up, that is what your soul looks like if you don’t break soul ties and call back the missing pieces of yourself.

What type of relationships form soul ties ?

Marital Soul Ties – These are positive and what Soul Ties were actually meant for.  Soul ties in marriage were intended by God to help build a unbreakable unique bond between husband and wife. Once a husband and wife are joined together as one flesh through intimate, sexual relationship this bond helps them create a stronger relationship where forgiveness can flow more easily. These are a couple of  Bible verses that refer to Godly Soul Ties (Ephesians 5:31 and Mark 10:7-9)

Ungodly  Soul Ties are formed when two people enter into sexual or intimate relationship before marriage. During this type of relationship people can often forgive things easier that are not right for example cheating, mistreatment, or constant lies. You may feel like it is difficult to move on after a break up. You may find yourself taking on characteristics of the other person and  spirits  can be transfered from person to person during sex. You may also be blinded to red flags in a persons behavior because of a ungodly soul tie. (1: Corinthians 6:16)

Vows And Oaths ! 

This is one of the easiest ways I think there is to enter into a soul tie with out even realizing it. This is also an example of why it is so important to watch your mouth because there is power in our tounges. We can create oaths that block us from our future mate and place us in soul ties for example “I can’t see my self with out you” “ I will never be happy without you” “ I will never leave you”  “ That’s my husband” “It’s yours” sorry if the last one is  a little to graphic lol.  But these are all statements that are easlily made in a relationship or about a person we find attractive so we must be careful with the things we say that can bind us to others. (Ephesians 5:31 Numbers 30:2)

Close/Intimate Relationships 

Now this can be either positive or negative. An example of a positive close relationship in the Bible can be found  in 1:Samuel 18:1 which was an positive soul tie between Johnathan and David. However we must be careful because close relationships can also turn negative for example if you become so dependent on a person that you idolize them or you find yourself doing things that are against you’re belief system just to make the other person happy like taking drugs,stealing, lying etc.

Is there a way out of soul ties ?

Because God is merciful and He loves us there is always a way to be free. Remember the Father wants us whole and breaking soul ties is a way to help aid us in becoming whole. Just a heads up if after praying and asking God to break the soul tie you find yourself still drawn to the other person then it may a good idea to search your mind and ask yourself if your harboring any unforgiveness, if so forgive the person , another thing to think about is gifts if you have any old gifts from the person you may want to get rid of them as this can be a sign of not fully letting go!

Soul Tie Prayer Strategy

Do all steps below speaking out loud and also in Jesus Name!

Forgive All those who have hurt you

Forgive your self

Call back every lost part of yourself that was given away that is intended for your future spouse

Renounce,break,come out of agreement with agreements, vows and oaths

Repent for any ungodly activities that you took part in

Break soul ties example “I break right now and sever all ungodly soul ties between me and the persons name in Jesus Name.”


Prayer for Grace

Hebrews 4:16 (NIV)
Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Father we thank you for your Mercy and for your Grace. We thank you for carrying us through each season of our life. We come to you now and ask that when we are not capable to complete things on our own that you give us the ability to do so. Father we ask that you have mercy on us and staff us with the grace that we need in every weak moment you give us strength , when we are feeling drained that you give us energy, when we are overwhelmed you give us the ability to push through and if there is any confusion give us clarity. We ask that you Help us right now in this moment because we need you and we need your grace to make it through this time.

In the name of Jesus



So your 30 now what?

So over my must have morning coffee while considering what I would be writing about today I began to think about the cultural perception that in your twenties you are young and free. There is an unspoken belief that it is okay to make mistakes, try new things, fall down and figure out who you are as a person . But what happens when you turn the big 30 and your career is not what you wanted, your living situation is not what you planned, your not married, your a single parent, or you have no idea who God created you to be? What if you are shaky in your faith, confused about what’s next or lost when it comes to how you are supposed to behave as a 30 year old because according to everyone else you should be married, have kids, your career should be in a good place and your life should be figured out right? Worse off all what happens when you are actually in your thirties and you still have the same issue?

Well my dears most of us have an reaction to turning thirty . There is usually some form of realization that at thirty you are an “official” grown up, and often if we have set plans or goals we begin to look at those dream boards and lists and if we see that things are not what we expected it can become something that deflates us.

So as I take a trip down memory lane now that I am in my thirties and looking back to the year I turned thirty there was nothing that really stood out to me I didn’t feel different. I was not depressed. I did not feel like there was anything off about where I was in life . But somewhere in the midst of actually being thirty, I began to evaluate my life and where I was at. I went on this entire journey of looking at where I was not instead of what God was preparing me and grooming me for. I have never been a person who felt like I had to be married by a certain age, but I did then and I do now desire marriage. So at a certain point I began to look at the fact that I was not married and that made me doubt  if I ever would be, that led me to in that moment to become content with the possibility that I may never marry. Career wise I was in a very comfortable position making a really nice salary but the thoughts began to creep in of am I content with this? Do I really want to be doing this? I started to think is there more to life then this? Then that eyebrow raising who am I question surfaced and that led to me asking Who is it that God purposed me to be? So all of those questions led me to realize that I was not questioning my life in general but God’s timing in my life.

So here I was in my thirties with all these questions all these changes my desires, dreams, lifestyle, and behavior was changing and without my permission. I had to get to know the new me. Through all of this I began to seek God more and have deep conversations with Him not even knowing that those conversations would turn into blog spots. In those moments of conversation God began to tell me not to focus on mistakes I made in the past or on what I did not have yet but to trust that He would give me all the desires of my heart in His timing and to trust his timing. So I began to walk a new walk and focus on the things that were in my control such as my career and leaving things that I could not control to HIM. I began to understand through talks with God and divine conversations with others that it was OK to not know what was next but to trust that God was preparing my future and that I just needed to prepare myself for the things he was calling me into. I became more involved in my church and before I knew it I began taking classes to develop spiritually, reading more, going out and enjoying life with my son, family and friends and realizing that I could prepare myself for marriage by becoming whole and healed. That through preparation, focus, and relationship with the Father that He began to show me who he created me to be.  That while I was questioning my career and trying to figure out if it was the right choice  for me that all I needed to do was be fully submitted to Him and after that submission he would reveal and awaken God given Ideas for business with instructions attached.

I think that sometimes we as humans become discontent in situations outside of our control instead of focusing on what we already have. This can lead to rushing a  processes . So I always try to remeber that there is no way that I can complete a process, assignment, job, or business idea better than God. I had to learn to walk behind Him so that he could go before me to clear the way. To trust closed doors because He closed them for a reason I may not know or understand. To pray over open doors to make sure they were in His will and to walk with Him when it was time to move instead of ahead of Him because of my impatience.

It is so easy to forget about the promises that God has given us when waiting on them to manifest. So this became another lesson. I had to condition myself to speak those promises back over my life and to steward them until manifestation happened. I know this is not always easy and requires so much discipline but if it is mastered it can make waiting easier. Lastly, I began to give thanks for what was not in front of me yet and this allowed me to strengthen my faith in what would be instead of what was not there yet. I hope these snippets of my journey helps you in yours . Leave the heavy lifting to God and rock your thirties!

Click link below to check out an amazing prayer that I use to help me in times that I am waiting on God to move.

Prayer and Scripture for Gods’s Timing

-Jennifer Jones